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My professional expertise in media, personal interest in criminal investigations, and private life intersected in 2018 when I was given the opportunity to experience a criminal investigation from the inside. Seeing a thorough investigation that supported prosecution and conviction of only half of the guilty parties left me with so many questions.


I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone and that, within the true crime community, there were a lot of people with the same questions.

What is the truth?

How can I find it?

And how can I prove it?


Teaching ethics and media courses for the last 15 years, I’ve heard and seen a lot of misinformation. Sometimes it’s clearly a mistake. Other times it’s clearly intentional. But sometimes I just can’t tell.


I’ve begun to document my own research into the world of investigations influenced by the media because there is so much to read and consider, I found I need to write things down just to keep my own thinking straight. And I opted to do so in a blog–an accessible media format–with the hope that internet sleuths, investigators, and critical thinkers will join me in my journey.

Keep asking questions…



Amy Jauman

Author + Professor + Digital Media Professional + Citizen Investigator

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